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McCaverns News

Dec 19
Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that the Survival Reset has officially been finished and Survival is now Re-Released. As always, if you find any bugs, please make sure to report them on the discord. Have a great day!​
Jun 10
Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that Season 1 of OneBlock has been released! It has support for both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition in Minecraft 1.19 & Minecraft 1.20.

You can join using the IP:

Have a great day!​
Jun 07
Hello everyone! I'm posting today to let you all know that the server now has support for Minecraft 1.20! The new features of the Minecraft 1.20 Update have not yet been fully released on the server however you are able to join in the Minecraft 1.20 version as well as older versions of the game.

Java Port: 25565
Bedrock Port: 19132

If anyone has any issues connecting, please reach out to us on here or on our discord for support.

Have a great day!​
Feb 07
Hello everyone! It's time for another review of this past week's updates and changes!

• Added sell all chest option at /shop
• Added larger chest amounts in the Misc Trader at /shop
• Added option to harden concrete powder by throwing it into a cauldron with water

• Increased max hopper link upgrade to 10 links
• Reduced hopper limits per chunk (15 max)
• Reduced villager limits per chunk (5 max)
• Nerfed villager AI slightly to help with lag (Feed to un-nerf temporarily when needed.)
• Removed the Mythic Chest Reward from the Seasonal Crate
• Applied several optimizations
• Implemented some more optimization settings to help players with a high ping

• Fixed Spawner Shop
• Fixed Misc Trader Shop
• Fixed some minor bugs

More big updates are coming soon, so keep an eye out for those! Also, don't forget to keep leaving your suggestions on the forums. Thanks for reading, have a great day!​
Jan 31
Hello everyone! It's time for another review of this past week's updates and changes!

• Added the Spawner Shop back
• Added a "new day" message to let everyone know shops have restocked
• Added Boss Cave (/warp Boss)
• Added Phoenix Boss Arena
• Added Phoenix Keys to Nether Relics in Blacksmith
• Added beetroot & nether wart in /score

• Revamped the Blocks Shop (Now with rotational stock / prices)
• Increased the server's view distance
• Revamped the Farmer Shop (Prices are way better!)
• Removed Phoenix from spawning in the wild

• Fixed the random (Shop) message every new day
• Fixed a major performance issue (Should help with the server's TPS)
• Fixed an issue with promoting members in clans
• Fixed the broken "/clan leaderboard" text
• Fixed daylight cycle in spawn (Also fixes shops not rotating!)
• Fixed some minor bugs

Although Survival updates have slowed down a bit, some big projects are in the works for Survival as...​
Jan 24
Hello everyone! Another week of Survival updates has arrived. I apologize for the delay in getting this up, we’ve just been very busy on future updates. The changes can be found below!

• Added some new cave mobs to add more challenge
• Added score to the server (/score)
• Added 25% score booster to Divine Rank
• Added score in /profile
• Custom mobs can now be caught with the mob catcher
• Added the Phoenix Boss (Biome: Nether Wastes)
• Added the Glume Mini-Boss (Biome: Warped Forest)
• Added Demon Mob (Biome: Nether Wastes)
• Added Fire Axolotl Mob (Biome: Nether Wastes)
• Added Fire Bat Mob (Biome: Nether Wastes)
• Added Lava Squid to the Nether (Biome: Nether Wastes)
• Added Nether Relic (10% drop chance from mobs, 30% from Glume) (Openable at Blacksmith for 2,500 CC)
• Added Dragon Bone (Phoenix 10% drop chance)
• Added Nether Scrap, Dark Spirit Essence, and Nether Book (Found from Nether Relics)
• Added Lunar Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, and Hoe...​
Jan 16
Hello everyone! It's time for another weekly review. Although not as large as last weeks, we have added a bunch of new features and some small fixes this week. You can review the changes below! (Remember, if you want to suggest a feature for a future update, you can do so by clicking here!)

• Added new daily reward system (/warp Rewards)
• Added custom color picker for leather furniture (Titan rank perk)
• Added new furniture (Wall Cabinet, Knife Holder, Sink, and Small Bookshelf) (Thanks @DaragonToutCourt!)
• Added hologram health bars for mobs
• Added new GUI spacers (Many of the server's GUIs look much cleaner now)
• Added Player Auction chests around the Market area
• Added names to the Shop NPCs
• Added icon next to Divine Rank on TAB
• Added Pinata Party (Spawns every 30 votes)
• Added Party Island in spawn (/warp Pinata)

• Re-arranged shop area near...​
Jan 09
Hello everyone! The first week of January started out strong with a lot of updates, new features, and bug fixes. Below you can find the whole list. Remember, if you want to suggest a feature for a future update, you can do so by clicking here!

• Added some custom mobs to the world (Natural spawning) (Drops coming soon)
• Added a mining skill sell-boost reward (View in /profile under the mining skill)
• Added /prices to Titan Rank (Alerts you when iron prices are over 100+ CC) (Thanks @Noobmeister66 for this one!)
• Added copper & deepslate ores to the vein mining enchanchant
• Added xp from copper & deepslate ores to the mining skill
• Added seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) (Changes every 24 hours)
• Added seasonal weather & conditions (Example: It snows everywhere in winter, leaves change dark colors in fall, etc.)
• Added the framework for several new updates that are...​
Jan 01
Hello everyone! It has been a while since we’ve posted on the website, however it’s time to start once again!

We’ll start it out by announcing the new layout / theme. As the long-time players can see, the website looks much different now. We’ve been working hard on getting the site ready for a revival.

We hope you all enjoy it! More posts coming soon. Have a great day!​
Feb 05
• Blacksmith (For item repairs. Found in spawn.)
• Custom recipe GUI (/recipes)
• Many new optimizations (Still testing more, should help with the lag.)
• You can now convert baseer tokens to rune coins (Found in Solomon at /warp boss)
• Added new runes: Trash Rune, Blissful Rune, and Shimmering Rune
• Added Shimmering Emerald + Ultimate Emerald Armor

• Fixed / nerfed some economy related bugs
• Fixed flight in /warp pvp
• Fixed the spawn rate of Rune Guardians
• Fixed the spawn rate of the meme rune
• Fixed a few custom item issues
• Fixed the auction house not saving custom item lore / NBT
• Fixed many lag related issues
• Fixed minor bugs

Much more to come very soon!​

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