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McCaverns News

Jan 16
Hello everyone! It's time for another weekly review. Although not as large as last weeks, we have added a bunch of new features and some small fixes this week. You can review the changes below! (Remember, if you want to suggest a feature for a future update, you can do so by clicking here!)

• Added new daily reward system (/warp Rewards)
• Added custom color picker for leather furniture (Titan rank perk)
• Added new furniture (Wall Cabinet, Knife Holder, Sink, and Small Bookshelf) (Thanks @DaragonToutCourt!)
• Added hologram health bars for mobs
• Added new GUI spacers (Many of the server's GUIs look much cleaner now)
• Added Player Auction chests around the Market area
• Added names to the Shop NPCs
• Added icon next to Divine Rank on TAB
• Added Pinata Party (Spawns every 30 votes)
• Added Party Island in spawn (/warp Pinata)

• Re-arranged shop area near...​
Jan 09
Hello everyone! The first week of January started out strong with a lot of updates, new features, and bug fixes. Below you can find the whole list. Remember, if you want to suggest a feature for a future update, you can do so by clicking here!

• Added some custom mobs to the world (Natural spawning) (Drops coming soon)
• Added a mining skill sell-boost reward (View in /profile under the mining skill)
• Added /prices to Titan Rank (Alerts you when iron prices are over 100+ CC) (Thanks @Noobmeister66 for this one!)
• Added copper & deepslate ores to the vein mining enchanchant
• Added xp from copper & deepslate ores to the mining skill
• Added seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) (Changes every 24 hours)
• Added seasonal weather & conditions (Example: It snows everywhere in winter, leaves change dark colors in fall, etc.)
• Added the framework for several new updates that are...​
Jan 01
Hello everyone! It has been a while since we’ve posted on the website, however it’s time to start once again!

We’ll start it out by announcing the new layout / theme. As the long-time players can see, the website looks much different now. We’ve been working hard on getting the site ready for a revival.

We hope you all enjoy it! More posts coming soon. Have a great day!​
Feb 05
• Blacksmith (For item repairs. Found in spawn.)
• Custom recipe GUI (/recipes)
• Many new optimizations (Still testing more, should help with the lag.)
• You can now convert baseer tokens to rune coins (Found in Solomon at /warp boss)
• Added new runes: Trash Rune, Blissful Rune, and Shimmering Rune
• Added Shimmering Emerald + Ultimate Emerald Armor

• Fixed / nerfed some economy related bugs
• Fixed flight in /warp pvp
• Fixed the spawn rate of Rune Guardians
• Fixed the spawn rate of the meme rune
• Fixed a few custom item issues
• Fixed the auction house not saving custom item lore / NBT
• Fixed many lag related issues
• Fixed minor bugs

Much more to come very soon!​
Sep 23
Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that another Survival update is here! This update doesn't really add any new features, but does fix some major bugs that have been reported recently.

• Fixed voting / vote for fly
• Fixed the slot machines
• Fixed right clicking on the wheel
• Fixed minor casino issues
• Fixed some performance issues
• Updated some plugins (This may also fix some bugs itself)

Thanks for reporting the bugs to us and taking time to read this. Have a great day!​
Aug 07
Hello everyone! We have another huge update for you all. This update brings a brand new website design as well as account syncing for both our discord and website!

• Added account & rank syncing (Type /sync in Hub)
• Added a new Member+ method (Rank syncing)
• Added a new Support / Bug Report section to the forums (
• Added a list of staff members to the website (
• Updated the list of rules / rule layout (
• Tweaked a few minor things

• Fixed 1.14 clients not being able to connect to Hub 2
• Fixed some lag issues in both of the Hub servers
• Fixed minor connection / pinging issues
• Fixed some minor bugs

Thank you all for taking time to read this. If you find any bugs, please report them here. Have a great day!​
Aug 07
Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that Survival has officially been updated to 1.14.4. You may now join with 1.14.4 and use the 1.14.4 features in the game! We highly recommend that everyone updates to this version for the best experience. (If you are not on it yet.)

Those of you who need Optifine for this version, you can find a link to that by clicking here.

If you find a bug, please report it to our Support area on the site!

Thanks, and have a great day!​
Jul 14
Network Update 224.png

Hello everyone! Another network update has been released, bringing the following features and changes:

• Added SMP to the compass and an NPC for it in Hub.
• Added SMP to the auto reconnect
• Added Omega rank+ to the SMP whitelist

• Fixed the auto reconnect not working in the compass
• Fixed the lag in Hub 2
• Fixed the insane amount of holograms above the Hub NPCs
• Fixed the hologram player count being incorrect
• Fixed some minor bugs

Thanks for taking time to read this, and have a great day!​
May 27
Hello everyone! A new network update has been released, including a brand new, much requested VIP perk.


• Added a new server selector to Hub
• Added auto reconnecting to Hub (VIP Perk) (This allows you to attempt to reconnect to a sub-server if it goes down.) (Found in the server selector compass.)
• Revamped parts of the Hub

• Fixed a bug where you could take items out of the compass
• Fixed another issue with gadget boxes
• Fixed minor bugs

Thank you all for taking time to read this, and have a great day!​

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