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Survival Updates - Weekly Review (1/9/2022 - 1/15/2022)


Owner & Founder
Hello everyone! It's time for another weekly review. Although not as large as last weeks, we have added a bunch of new features and some small fixes this week. You can review the changes below! (Remember, if you want to suggest a feature for a future update, you can do so by clicking here!)

• Added new daily reward system (/warp Rewards)
• Added custom color picker for leather furniture (Titan rank perk)
• Added new furniture (Wall Cabinet, Knife Holder, Sink, and Small Bookshelf) (Thanks @DaragonToutCourt!)
• Added hologram health bars for mobs
• Added new GUI spacers (Many of the server's GUIs look much cleaner now)
• Added Player Auction chests around the Market area
• Added names to the Shop NPCs
• Added icon next to Divine Rank on TAB
• Added Pinata Party (Spawns every 30 votes)
• Added Party Island in spawn (/warp Pinata)

• Re-arranged shop area near spawn (More shops + shop update is coming soon!)
• Disabled natural snow / ice melting during a season change
• Villager merchants in the shop area now have skins & names
• Made the shop NPCs WAY less sensitive
• Moved the shop to a more convenient location
• Moved the purchaseable player shop stands to the Misc Trader
• Removed the Player Shop NPC
• Removed the Divine Prefix
• Increased emerald's max sell price in shop
• Made a few of the GUIs in spawn look nicer

• Fixed geodes in the blacksmith
• Fixed some of the auction messages
• Fixed mooshroom spawners not given from crates
• Fixed some minor bugs

Thank you all for taking time to read this! Hopefully we'll have some more big additions & changes for you this next week. Have a great day!​