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Update RPG Survival Beta 1.0.1


Owner & Founder
• Blacksmith (For item repairs. Found in spawn.)
• Custom recipe GUI (/recipes)
• Many new optimizations (Still testing more, should help with the lag.)
• You can now convert baseer tokens to rune coins (Found in Solomon at /warp boss)
• Added new runes: Trash Rune, Blissful Rune, and Shimmering Rune
• Added Shimmering Emerald + Ultimate Emerald Armor

• Fixed / nerfed some economy related bugs
• Fixed flight in /warp pvp
• Fixed the spawn rate of Rune Guardians
• Fixed the spawn rate of the meme rune
• Fixed a few custom item issues
• Fixed the auction house not saving custom item lore / NBT
• Fixed many lag related issues
• Fixed minor bugs

Much more to come very soon!​