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Update Survival Updates - Weekly Review (01/23/2022 - 01/29/2022)


Owner & Founder
Hello everyone! It's time for another review of this past week's updates and changes!

• Added the Spawner Shop back
• Added a "new day" message to let everyone know shops have restocked
• Added Boss Cave (/warp Boss)
• Added Phoenix Boss Arena
• Added Phoenix Keys to Nether Relics in Blacksmith
• Added beetroot & nether wart in /score

• Revamped the Blocks Shop (Now with rotational stock / prices)
• Increased the server's view distance
• Revamped the Farmer Shop (Prices are way better!)
• Removed Phoenix from spawning in the wild

• Fixed the random (Shop) message every new day
• Fixed a major performance issue (Should help with the server's TPS)
• Fixed an issue with promoting members in clans
• Fixed the broken "/clan leaderboard" text
• Fixed daylight cycle in spawn (Also fixes shops not rotating!)
• Fixed some minor bugs

Although Survival updates have slowed down a bit, some big projects are in the works for Survival as well as some new gamemodes! Stick around for more info on those soon! Have a great day!​