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Update Survival Updates - Weekly Review (01/30/2022 - 02/05/2022)


Owner & Founder
Hello everyone! It's time for another review of this past week's updates and changes!

• Added sell all chest option at /shop
• Added larger chest amounts in the Misc Trader at /shop
• Added option to harden concrete powder by throwing it into a cauldron with water

• Increased max hopper link upgrade to 10 links
• Reduced hopper limits per chunk (15 max)
• Reduced villager limits per chunk (5 max)
• Nerfed villager AI slightly to help with lag (Feed to un-nerf temporarily when needed.)
• Removed the Mythic Chest Reward from the Seasonal Crate
• Applied several optimizations
• Implemented some more optimization settings to help players with a high ping

• Fixed Spawner Shop
• Fixed Misc Trader Shop
• Fixed some minor bugs

More big updates are coming soon, so keep an eye out for those! Also, don't forget to keep leaving your suggestions on the forums. Thanks for reading, have a great day!​