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Hello everyone! The first week of January started out strong with a lot of updates, new features, and bug fixes. Below you can find the whole list. Remember, if you want to suggest a feature for a future update, you can do so by clicking here!

• Added some custom mobs to the world (Natural spawning) (Drops coming soon)
• Added a mining skill sell-boost reward (View in /profile under the mining skill)
• Added /prices to Titan Rank (Alerts you when iron prices are over 100+ CC) (Thanks @Noobmeister66 for this one!)
• Added copper & deepslate ores to the vein mining enchanchant
• Added xp from copper & deepslate ores to the mining skill
• Added seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) (Changes every 24 hours)
• Added seasonal weather & conditions (Example: It snows everywhere in winter, leaves change dark colors in fall, etc.)
• Added the framework for several new updates that are coming very soon!
• Added 6 forests at spawn for gathering wood (/forests)
• Added Lumberjack NPC to each forest
• Added both logs and 6 sided logs to the Lumberjack NPC
• Added robot lumberjack mini-boss (Early-game boss) (100 Woodcutting EXP on kill) (Spawns in forests at spawn)
• Added robot lumberjack pet (1% chance to obtain from robot lumberjack mini-boss)
• Added Misc Trader in /shop
• Added mob catchers (Used to catch mobs using an egg) (Found in Misc Trader)
• Added cooking pot (Used to craft custom food) (Found in Butcher Shop)
• Added cook book (Used to craft custom food) (Found in Butcher Shop)
• Added 20+ custom food items (More to come!)
• Added visualizer to crafting tables, anvils, etc.
• Added furniture color picker for leather furniture
• Added more furniture (Most of it is created by @DaragonToutCourt!)
• Added rubies & fortunite to Geodes

• Increased the minimum and maximum prices of logs
• Increased the exp given for woodcutting
• Moved Banker to it's own building (Old furniture shop)
• Moved the Furniture Shop to a new building
• Reduced the prices of Cooking Pot & Cook Book (Based on player feedback)

• Fixed the player warp GUI not working
• Fixed /autoclick (Divine perk)
• Fixed sharks & jellyfish spawning on land
• Fixed major issue where players get kicked often for clicking fast (May still occur in small amounts, looking into full fix)
• Fixed the recent issue where custom mobs freeze
• Fixed the texture of Geodes
• Fixed the Drops shop (Temporary fix, revamping them soon!)
• Fixed the block shop not always wanting to open
• Fixed some blocks not being buyable in the block shop
• Fixed the cooking pot not taking the item upon placement
• Fixed some minor bugs

Thank you all for taking time to read this! Hopefully we'll have some more big additions & changes for you this next week. Have a great day!​


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Доброго времени суток.
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