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Update Survival Updates - Weekly Review (01/16/2022 - 01/22/2022)


Owner & Founder
Hello everyone! Another week of Survival updates has arrived. I apologize for the delay in getting this up, we’ve just been very busy on future updates. The changes can be found below!

• Added some new cave mobs to add more challenge
• Added score to the server (/score)
• Added 25% score booster to Divine Rank
• Added score in /profile
• Custom mobs can now be caught with the mob catcher
• Added the Phoenix Boss (Biome: Nether Wastes)
• Added the Glume Mini-Boss (Biome: Warped Forest)
• Added Demon Mob (Biome: Nether Wastes)
• Added Fire Axolotl Mob (Biome: Nether Wastes)
• Added Fire Bat Mob (Biome: Nether Wastes)
• Added Lava Squid to the Nether (Biome: Nether Wastes)
• Added Nether Relic (10% drop chance from mobs, 30% from Glume) (Openable at Blacksmith for 2,500 CC)
• Added Dragon Bone (Phoenix 10% drop chance)
• Added Nether Scrap, Dark Spirit Essence, and Nether Book (Found from Nether Relics)
• Added Lunar Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, and Hoe (Current highest tool set in the game)
• Added new tags for rarities on weapons (Still a WIP)
• Released Part 1 of the Clans Update (Return of the clans feature!)
• Added clan banks
• Added /warp ClanHall
• Added new escape menu design (It is not off center anymore, you're welcome)
• Added new health / exp / hunger UI

• Old geodes can now be converted with `/fixores`
• Increased hopper upgrade max transfer limit to 24
• Adjusted the spawn rate of the new nether mobs
• Slimefun machines are x2 faster
• Slimefun cargo machines are around x10 faster

• Fixed Pinata vote counter
• Fixed some mob textures not working
• Fixed pets not spawning
• Fixed a major lag / crash issue
• Fixed soul points not removing money upon death
• Fixed another crash-related issue
• Fixed a bug where punching crates did not show their rewards
• Fixed some minor bugs

Thanks for reading, have a great day!​