Survival Revamp BETA!


Application Manager
Mar 1, 2015
Minecraft Name
Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that the Survival Revamp is finally released! Now before listing off the features and fun stuff, I do have to inform you all that it is technically in "beta" mode, therefore bugs are expected and not everything that we want to get released is fully finished just get. If you do not want to deal with any of this, you should probably wait a few weeks to play until we deem it fully stable. Over the coming days / weeks we will be working hard on releasing the rest of the features that are meant to be in it, that aren't yet completed. Some of them are near completion, but not released yet due to the fact that we want to test them thoroughly.

Anyway, all of the boring stuff aside, let's talk about the features!

Custom Enchants! (Runes / Rune Coins are no longer a thing!) (Obtain through enchant table!)
Slimefun Addon (ExoticGarden) (Adds fruit trees / bushes)
Player Chest Shops (More optimized / easier to use!)
Increased View Distance (Use to be 4, it is not set to 8)
Clans (Team up with clans and try to hold the leaderboard!)
Score (Score resets monthly. Hold the score leaderboard at the end of each month for a prize!)
Bank System (Save money in your bank to keep it safe!)
Lose Money on Death (When you die, you lose 10% of your balance! Keep it in the bank to keep it safe!)
BalTop GUI (Our BalTop is now in GUI form! With bank + normal balance added together!)
Cosmetics / Cosmetic Crates (Unlock cool cosmetics with our cosmetic creates!)
Armorsmith (All craftable armor is now crafted using the armorsmith in spawn!)
Optimization! (We have tweaked the files, configurations, and server settings to optimize it! Not fully completed, but we will continue testing once we have players online!)
Revamped Shop (Shop prices may seem a bit more balanced now! And we have added the new blocks to the shop!)
Revamped Lucky Blocks (Lucky blocks no longer bug out, and have a nicer new look!)
Old Combat (1.8 PvP without a cooldown has returned!)
Tweaked Spawn (Spawn looks a bit different now! We're going to continue tweaking it, so this is just a start!)
Revamped Auction (You can now make your auction a bid or a buy it now!) (Also added categories!)
New Hopper System (Hoppers are still upgradeable, but we have gotten a new system for them! Plus the whitelist / blacklist option now works properly!)
Patched Exploits (All known exploits should be patched! This includes dupe glitches, shop exploits, etc.)
And More! (Not every little change / feature / bug fix is listed, but there is more and a lot coming soon!)

Coming Soon Features:
(NOTE: The following features are NOT yet released at the time of making this post. They are all coming soon!)
Dungeons / Bosses (We have revamped the boss system completely! More info coming on this soon!)
Incremental Daily Rewards (Signing in each day makes your daily reward better!)
End Game Currency / Shop (The new end game currency will allow you to buy special items in our end game shop!)
Boosters (Boosters will soon be added to the crates & the store!)
KOTH Events (King of the hill clan events are coming soon!)
Furniture (Furniture is finally returning! As well as furniture packs!)
Revamp Envoys (We plan on revamping the envoy plugin soon, so the locations cannot be memorized!)
Casino (Unfortunately, we have to disable the casino for the time being. Since rune coins are no longer around, we will find a new way to get the casino currency soon!)
And More! (Our to-do list is pretty lengthy, but these are the top priority features! There will still be more coming soon!)

We thank you all for your patience during the revamp period, and we hope you enjoy the revamp! If you have any bug reports or suggestions, let us know in the discord! You can create a support ticket for all bug reports and leave the suggestions in #server-suggestions. Have a great day!​