Update Network Update 2.2.5 - New Website + Account Syncing

Hello everyone! We have another huge update for you all. This update brings a brand new website design as well as account syncing for both our discord and website!

• Added account & rank syncing (Type /sync in Hub)
• Added a new Member+ method (Rank syncing)
• Added a new Support / Bug Report section to the forums (https://mccaverns.com/form/15/select)
• Added a list of staff members to the website (https://mccaverns.com/staff)
• Updated the list of rules / rule layout (https://mccaverns.com/rules)
• Tweaked a few minor things

• Fixed 1.14 clients not being able to connect to Hub 2
• Fixed some lag issues in both of the Hub servers
• Fixed minor connection / pinging issues
• Fixed some minor bugs

Thank you all for taking time to read this. If you find any bugs, please report them here. Have a great day!​