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Mc-Caverns Official Rules

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Mc-Caverns Official Rules

By playing on the McCaverns Network, you automatically agree to these rules, regardless of if you have read them or not. This will not be a valid excuse for breaking any of the rules.

Last Edited: 5/12/2023

Basic Rules

The following are basic offenses which are NOT allowed. In most cases will lead to a mute, but could potentially result in a ban based on severity.

Disallowed Behavior:
● Toxicity / Trash Talking*
● Controversial Discussion*
● Spam*
● Advertising Servers / Realms*
● Advertising Non MCC-Related Videos / Channels
● Threats*
● Impersonating Staff
● Arguing with Staff
● Sexually Inappropriate Behavior
● Harassing a Player / Trolling a Player*

*Toxicity / Trash Talking - Any form of toxic-like behavior in the chat. This includes (but not limited to) bullying, racism, discrimination, harassment, etc. Trash talking players is also not allowed, depending on context.
*Controversial Discussion - Discussion of politics, religion, and sensitive events or topics. If you feel as though it may offend someone, it is best not to discuss it.
*Spam - Spamming the same message over and over (Multiple times within 5 minutes), using an excessive amount of caps in a sentence (general caps usage is fine), using excessive non-english characters in chat, using random characters in chat that do not make sense, etc.
*Advertising Servers / Realms - Giving out an IP, telling a player to "join <server name>", mentioning servers, etc can be counted as advertising.
*Threats - This will lead to a PERM ban if made legitimately. Not bannable if they're threatening to kill the other player IN GAME. (Examples: IRL death threats, DDoS threats, Doxxing, etc.)
*Harassing a Player / Trolling a Player - We allow some trolling, to an extent. If the staff believe you have exceeded the maximum extent, we will warn you. General harassment is not allowed!

Gameplay Rules

The following are gameplay-related offenses which are NOT allowed. In most cases will lead to a warning or ban, based on the severity.

Disallowed Behavior:
● Hacking
● Unfair Modifications*
● Xraying / Using Invisible Texture Packs
● Auto Mining / Mining Bot
● Exploit Abuse*
● Cheating*
● Over-Claiming*
● Building / Claiming Near Others*
● Mass Claiming*
● Spawn Killing / Mass Killing*
● Griefing / Raiding*
● Scamming
● Lag Machines / 0 Tick Farms
● Clan Trolling*

*Unfair Modifications - Any modification that gives you an unfair advantage over others or helps you achieve a goal in an unfair way.
*Exploit Abuse - Abusing exploits in vanilla minecraft or with the general plugins of the server. Such as the shop plugin.
*Cheating - This includes finding loop-holes or exploits in any event, the economy, etc.
*Over-Claiming - Claiming over other's builds or claims without their permission.
*Building / Claiming Near Others - Building near another player's claimed land without their explicit permission. (For towns, you only need the permission of a town leader. For non-claimed towns, users may build anywhere. It is your responsibility to claim.)
*Mass Claiming - Claiming mass areas of land that you are not going to use. Please only claim in moderate portions.
*Spawn Killing / Mass Killing - Killing players randomly just to kill them.
*Griefing / Raiding - Destroying the property of, or stealing the property of another player without their permission. If you do not claim your land, it is your fault. For towns, you must subdivide claims. If you do not, players who are a member of the town may be able build / break anywhere. In most cases, we cannot do anything about this.
*Clan Trolling - Joining clans with the intention to withdraw from the bank, withdrawing and leaving, getting inside information, harassing other clans, etc.

General Rules

The following are general offenses which are NOT allowed. In most cases will lead to a warning, mute, or ban, based on the severity.

Disallowed Behavior:
● Evading a Punishment*
● Irresponsible Account Ownership*
● Excessive Alternate Accounts*
● Inappropriate or Controversial Names, Nicknames, or Skins
● Use of VPN / Proxy
● Creating False Reports
● Hackusating Without Evidence
● Attempting to Loop-Hole Rules*

*Evading a Punishment - This refers to coming on another account to bypass a ban or mute.
*Irresponsible Account Ownership - This is allowing another player to come on your account and break rules.
*Excessive Alternate Accounts - You may only have 3 accounts on the server at a time.
*Attempting to Loop-Hole Rules - Attempting to find any sort of loop-hole in the rules for malicious intent is not allowed and will result in a perm ban.

Competition Rules

The following are competition / event offenses which are NOT allowed. In most cases will lead to a warning / ban, based on the severity. (And may include stat wipe / disqualification from the competition or event.)
(These rules apply for Skyblock, Factions, and all other competitions!)
Disallowed Behavior:
● Reward Backstabbing*
● Unsportsmanlike Behavior*
● Leaderboard Manipulation*
● Hacking / Cheating / Glitch Abuse*
● Sabotage*
● Malicious Behavior*

● Reward Backstabbing - If a season is about to end on one of our servers, you may not kick a team member to ensure that they do not receive the seasonal reward.
● Unsportsmanlike Behavior - You may not act blatantly toxic to others. (This does not include fighting in the pvp arena, minor trolling, etc. This includes serious name calling / toxicity toward others in an event, or unwilling to accept the outcome / a loss in an event.
● Leaderboard Manipulation - If you're within a friend group and you split up to obtain multiple top place positions, you will be disqualified. This is to give everyone a chance at the prize and not have it all go to one group.
● Hacking / Cheating / Glitch Abuse - Although this is already against the rules, if caught hacking / cheating / glitch abusing to benefit yourself during a competition, the ban may be longer than a normal ban. (Depending on the severity and how much it actually benefited you. Your stats will likely also be wiped.)
● Sabotage - Getting yourself or another user to "inside" into another base, steal another's items, or grief other's stuff is not allowed. This is malicious behavior.
● Malicious Behavior - This is any attempt to loophole competition rules, find ways around our systems, or attempt to win in a "non-clean" manor. Just play the game legitimate.

Discord Rules

The following are discord server offenses which are NOT allowed. In most cases will lead to a warning, mute, or ban, based on the severity.

Disallowed Behavior:
● Excessive Toxic Behavior
● Harassment / Discrimination*
● Spam / Advertising*
● Religion / Political / Controversial Discussion
● Excessive Trolling / Trolling Staff Members
● Posting in Incorrect Channels
● Non-English Nicknames / Different Fonts*
● Excessive / Uncalled for Mic Spamming
● Arguing / Challenging Punishments / Rules*
● Tagging Staff* (Staff excluded from rule)
● Sending Bot Commands in the Wrong Channel
● DM'ing Staff* (Staff excluded from rule)
● Inappropriate Nicknames / Statuses
● Tagging Everyone / Attempting to Tag Everyone (Staff excluded from rule)
● Harassing Staff / Wasting Staff's Time / Interrogating Staff*
● Posting Inappropriate Images / Inappropriate Profile Pictures
● Reaction Spamming Posts / Inappropriate Reactions / Obnoxious Reactions
● Attempting to Loop-Hole Rules*
● DM Advertising / Mass DM’ing Users

*Harassment / Discrimination - You may not harass, stalk, threaten, or discriminate someone, nor may you use any discriminatory slurs or remarks.
*Spam / Advertising - You may not continuously send the same message over and over, or advertise non McCaverns related social media / discords / links. If you made a video or stream that is solely on the server and DOES NOT mention another server, you may share it in our media channel. (Also includes the chain messages sent around that tell you to repost in "x amount" of discords.)
*Non-English Nicknames / Different Fonts - All nicknames must be in the English language so they are easily taggable / pronounceable by our staff. This also includes the default font. No weird font nicknames.
*Arguing / Challenging Punishments / Rules - Very often people come to the discord to argue / challenge punishments or rules. Doing so will result in a PERM ban from the Discord & most likely the server as well.
*Tagging Staff - We do not allow tagging staff for general purposes. The only time tagging a staff member may be necessary is if the ticket system is down and you were permitted to do so, the server crashed, or there's a major issue in game. (If someone else already tagged for the issue though, do not tag. It will not help.)
*DM'ing Staff - Do NOT DM the staff team for issues, questions, suggestions, punishments, etc. Doing so will lead to a block and likely removal from the discord. The only time this is allowed is if the staff member messaged you first regarding what you are discussing, or you were permitted / asked to DM that staff member by the staff team.
*Harassing Staff / Wasting Staff's Time / Interrogating Staff - Sometimes we have people think it's "cute" to annoy the staff. This is not allowed. If you harass the staff, attempt to waste our time, or try to "interrogate" us, we will remove you from the discord and possibly the server as well.
*Attempting to Loop-Hole Rules - Attempting to find any sort of loop-hole in the rules for malicious intent is not allowed and will result in a perm ban from the discord and the server.

Forum / Application Rules

The following are forum-related offenses which are NOT allowed. In most cases will lead to a warning, mute, or ban, based on the severity.

Disallowed Behavior:
● Excessive Post Bumping*
● Excessive Applications*
● Swearing / Toxicity
● Spam / Irrelevant Topics
● Posting in Wrong Section
● False Flagging Posts
● Trashing Threads*
● Mentioning Application to Staff
● Invalid Unban Apps*
● Fake / Troll Applications
● Contacting Staff Regarding Apps / Appeals / Punishments
● Advertising*

*Excessive Post Bumping - You may not bump a post within 24 hours.
*Excessive Applications - You may only apply once per 2 weeks.
*Trashing Threads - You may not trash or act in a negative manner toward other's posts.
*Invalid Unban Apps - Appealing a fresh ban / a ban that has not been waited out for at least 7 days.
*Advertising - You may not advertise anything that is not MCC related.

Approved / Disapproved Mods
The following are a list of the allowed and disallowed mods. Use of disallowed mods may lead to a warning or ban, depending on severity.

Allowed Mods:
● General FPS Boosting Mods*
● Mini Map*
● Brightness Mods
● Toggle Sprint
● Toggle Sneak
● Cosmetic Mods*
● Badlion Client
● LabyMod
● 5zig Mod
● Waypoint Mods
● Replay Mods
● Shaders Mods
● Non-Gameplay Related Mods

*General FPS Boosting Mods - These mods consist of Optifine, BetterFps, etc.
*Mini Map - You may use the general mini map features, but you may not use player trackers within the mini map mods.
*Cosmetic Mods - Mods used for capes, particles, clothing, accessories, etc.

Disallowed Mods:
● Kill Aura / Aimbot / Auto Killing
● Automatic Mods*
● Xray
● Gameplay Intrusive*
● Any Hacked Clients*
● Clients with Unfair Advantages

*Automatic Mods - This refers to any mod that does stuff for you automatically. As long as it isn't listed in Allowed Mods. (For example: Auto walk, auto eat, auto steal, auto mine, etc.)
*Gameplay Intrusive - Any mod that intrudes upon gameplay to give an unfair advantage. (For example: Speed, Anti-Knockback, No Fall Damage, etc.)
*Any Hacked Clients - The use of any hacked client is strictly prohibited from our server. Regardless of if you are using the hacks within them or not. If caught, you will be punished accordingly.

Approved / Disapproved Websites
The following are a list of websites that we allow and disallow on our server.

Allowed Websites:

* - We allow general posts from this site, but not server advertisements or anything targeted to advertise a server.
* - We allow general posts from this site, but not server advertisements or anything targeted to advertise a server.
* - You may only post links to the official McCaverns discord or discords endorsed by the McCaverns owner.
* - You may not link to anything inappropriate, videos advertising other servers, videos made on other servers, or irrelevant videos. (We recommend you only advertise videos that are made on McCaverns.)

Disallowed Websites:
● Anything Containing Adult Material
● Anything Containing Advertisement for Other Servers*
● Anything Containing Viruses / Spyware
● Links Used to Steal a Player's Information*
● Anything Illegal
● Anything Inappropriate
● Anything Completely Off-Topic*

*Anything Containing Advertisement for Other Servers - This includes, but not limited to, server list posts, server reviews, server showcases, etc. (Unless made about McCaverns.)
*Links used to Steal a Player's Information - This includes doxxing a player through a link, using an IP grabber, tracing a player through a site, etc.
*Anything Completely Off-Topic - You may not post a random link and or site with the intention to advertise it. It must be on topic with the current chat discussion.

Auto Clickers
(Auto clickers are defined as auto clicking. It does not matter if it is a program or a weight on your keyboard. If you aren't physically clicking yourself, it is an auto clicker. This is just to clarify any possible confusion.)

● 5 CPS Max
● Used for Mob / Fish Farms Only (No PvP)
● Not Permitted in Casino

Referral System Rules


● You are not allowed to refer alt accounts or accounts on the same IP address to abuse rewards
● Any abuse of the system to trick or fake referrals will lead to punishment
● Do not ask new players that you did not refer to use your referral
● If a random player that you did not refer goes out of their way to use your referral, you will not be penalized. But if our records show that you asked or told them about the referral without actually referring them, you will be.
● Do not encourage players to come on, do the command, and leave. Try to invite players that may have a chance at sticking around.


Extra Disclaimers:
Severity / Ban Times may vary on a case-by-case basis. The Staff Team are the judges in the end, and will determine a punishment / time that they find reasonable for the offense. We do give out perm bans on our server, and will do so if needed.

These rules are subject to change at any time with or without notice. You are expected to follow the rules regardless of change. If major changes are made, we will usually notify via our discord.
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