Staff & Builder Rules


Mar 1, 2015
Minecraft Name
Staff Rules

1. Do not trash talk players. (This includes using your power against them, talking badly of them in chat, etc.)

2. Do not be a trashy staff member. (This includes being a jerk in chat, bragging about everything, trying to create tension with others, causing or feeding off of drama, etc.)

3. Do not swear in chat. (This is to keep a good image and maintain a family friendly attitude. To clear up confusion, you may still on discord.)

4. Do not abuse powers. (This includes punishing for no reason, creating your own rules, being a dictator, giving out items if you have access to creative, etc.)

5. Get along with all the staff. (If you cannot get along with a staff member, we may remove you from the team.)

6. Do not leak player's information. (This includes IP addresses, for the staff that have access to this. This would lead to a permanent IP ban.)

7. Answer questions when possible. (This is to ensure that players enjoy the server without confusion.)

8. Do not become staff on multiple servers, or apply if you are already staff on other servers. (If you are staff on other servers, we may demote you. This is not out of spite, but because we need loyal and active staff, not rank thirsty staff.)

9. Get your required amount of playtime. (Staff are required to be online for at least 2 hours a day.)

10. Do not break any server rules. (Punishments for staff are more severe than for normal players, as you are meant to enforce the rules, not break them.)

11. Obey the management team. (Disregarding what a Manager or higher ranks tell you may lead to an instant demotion.)

12. Do not question the actions of the management team. (The management team has authority over the staff. If you don't like it, then resign.)

13. Do not argue management team punishments. (If you get a strike or demotion and argue it, your punishment may become more severe and could lead to a ban.)

14. Do not act like an emotional mess. (We are looking for staff who can do their jobs and handle all types of people.)

15. Do not be a drama queen. (This will lead to an instant demotion. We are not looking for this type of attitude.)

16. Do not cause issues with other staff. (If you do not like a staff member, come to the management team with a valid reason and evidence, and we'll take care of it. Do not take these matters into your own hands.)

17. Be a fair, level-headed staff member. (Do not act out of bias.)

18. Do not be a ban hungry staff member. (This is a staff member who constantly wants to ban or mute players, or overreacts to minor offenses with a large punishment.)

19. Do not be a pain to other staff members. (Constantly calling out other staff or trying to cause chaos in the staff chat. Report all issues directly to management.)

Staff Offenses

The breaking of staff rules may lead to any of the following, depending on severity:
● Warning
● Strike
● Demotion
● Ban


Warnings are given out to a staff member who breaks a minor rule, or a new staff member who is yet to understand the rank. A warning is a simple friendly reminder not to do something. This has no impact on your record as staff, as long as you take the warning into full consideration and do not repeat whatever you have gotten the warning for.


A staff strike is given to a staff member who breaks a general rule, server rule, or commits a somewhat big offense. If a staff member receives 3 strikes from management within 2 months, the management will then determine punishment. (Demotion in most cases.)


Demotions are pretty self explanatory, these are generally given out for the following offenses:
● Inactivity (This one seems to be the most popular. If you're gonna go inactive, resign.)
● Receiving 3 strikes
● Disregarding management's commands
● Being disrespectful to players
● Breaking general rules on the server
● Being stuck up or arrogant
● Not doing anything as staff (Holding onto the rank, but not monitoring chat, going afk constantly, or ignoring questions.)


In most cases, we try to keep a good relationship with Ex-Staff and break demotions or resignations on good terms. But in the cases where that is not possible, bans may occur. This generally only happens if you decide to cause issues or whine about your demotion. If you were to give out any personal or staff only information, you will also be banned.