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    Mc-Caverns Official Rules

    By playing the Mc-Caverns official server or using the website, you, the account holder, hereby agree to the following rules. Breaking of the following rules may lead to a punishment in game or on the website. You are responsible to know the rules and review them often. The rules may change at any time without notice. We hold full rights to punish you in game, punish you on the website, or close your website account if we feel needed.

    General Rules

    1. Do not bypass the swear filter or find exploits to it. (Excessive swearing is not allowed!)
    2. Do not harass or discriminate other players.
    3. Do not spam or use excessive caps. (Repeating the same (or very similar) message more than once within 5 minutes) (Caps = 4+ words in a message in caps, or multiple messages within 2 minutes)
    4. Do not character spam. (Spamming characters in the chat)
    5. Do not advertise any servers, realms, discords, teamspeaks, etc. that are not owned by Mc-Caverns. (This also includes asking others to go play on other servers)
    6. Do not give out your own, or other's personal info. Including passwords, addresses, etc.
    7. Do not impersonate staff. (This includes telling others you are staff or claiming to be a specific staff member) (This also includes nicks and disguises)
    8. Do not ask to become certain ranks, op, or staff.
    9. Do not act inappropriate.
    10. Respect staff, do not argue or question punishments.
    11. The use of a hacked client is not allowed. (Even if hacks are not enabled, you may not use the client on our server!)
    12. Xray is not allowed. (Including hacks, mods, texture packs, etc.)
    13. Do not use exploits. (This includes, but not limited to, duplication glitches, money glitches, etc.) (If exploit is found, contact staff immediately!)
    14. Do not threaten or wish death upon others in real life.
    15. You may not have more than three accounts per person unless permitted by staff. (This means 3 accounts on an IP Address)
    16. Discussion of drugs or anything illegal is not allowed.
    17. Staff may use modified clients or xray in order to assist in catching cheaters. (Not to be used for personal gain)
    18. Do not talk badly about the server or it's staff. Feel free to leave if you do not like it.
    19. Inappropriate names, skins, and nicknames are not allowed! (May lead to a nickname or 30 day ban!)
    20. Drama will not be tolerated. Do not attempt to cause drama or talk behind other's backs.
    21. Lying to staff is not allowed! (Punishment may be more severe if caught!)
    22. Trolling is allowed to a minimum. (Harassment or making others mad is not!)
    23. Do not attempt to waste a staff member's time. (This includes constantly asking stupid questions that you know the answer too, bothering them constantly, or requesting help for nonsense reasons.)
    24 The staff team is here to help with issues and moderate the server. We will not do favors in game!
    25. Do not attempt to troll or obtain ranks by claiming you are from a website and need op (or permissions) to review/showcase/etc our server.
    26. You may not attempt to get another player banned or punished. If they get banned because of you, you will earn the same punishment time as them! (This is, unless you are reporting them to staff. This rule is meant for players who intentionally setup other players to get banned.)
    27. You are responsible for everything you say, do, and post. (If someone is on your account, the same actions will still be taken!)
    28. Do not be toxic or attempt to annoy others in the chat. This may result in a warn, mute or ban depending on the severity.
    29. Do not come on the server in attempt to pick out every little flaw or bother staff regarding server changes. (If you have a suggestion leave it on the forums. After posting it, leave it at that.)
    30. If you believe there is a case of staff abuse, report it to the owner of the server. (Do NOT call it out in chat. That will just make the situation worse)
    31. Do not constantly act shady. (If a staff member asks you a question, we expect a genuine answer.)
    32. Do not whine to staff or expect pity from the staff team. (We are not your personal emotional support group.)
    33. Do not constantly be cocky or arrogant. These are not the type of people we are looking for in our community.
    34. If you are trash talking or spreading drama about the server or it's players outside the server, you are not immune to punishment. If proof arises, you will receive the same punishment.

    Survival Rules

    1. Griefing is not allowed. (It does not matter if it is claimed or not, it is not allowed) (Claimed or unclaimed builds. If it isn't a build or land around a build, it does not count. Thinks such as mines would not count!)
    2. Raiding unclaimed containers is allowed. (Chests, Shulker Box, Item Frames, and Armor Stands)
    3. Do not build anything inappropriate.
    4. Do not scam anyone.
    5. No auction scamming, spamming, or extremely overpriced items.
    6. Do not build near spawn. (2,000+ blocks away)
    7. Over claiming / protecting is not allowed.
    8. Lag machines and lava walls are not allowed.
    9. Only add players to your claims that you trust. This is your responsibility.
    10. Stealing items off the ground or taking mobs is allowed as it is not traceable!

    Factions Rules
    1. Griefing and Raiding are allowed.
    2. Scamming in /ah is allowed.
    3. Swearing is allowed to a minimum. (Nothing excessive, and do not bypass the filter)
    4. Do not glitch to get into bases.
    5. Duplication is not allowed.
    6. Only add people to your faction that you trust. Betrayal is allowed.

    Forum Rules

    1. You may only bump a post once per 24 hours.
    2. You may only apply once every two weeks.
    3. You must follow all of the general rules in the forums.
    4. Do not rate applications if you are not staff.
    5. Do not post any spam or irrelevant posts.
    6. Post in the right section.
    7. Asking staff to review applications, mentioning them, etc is an automatic denial.
    8. Do not post false or troll applications.
    9. You may not appeal bans that are 7 days or less.
    10. You may not apply if you have had a ban within the last 30 days.​

    Video / Stream Rules

    1. Anyone may record or stream on our server.
    2. You are not allowed to record / stream griefing videos. (Unless on factions)
    3. You may not record / stream videos harassing, insulting, "exposing", or being rude to the staff and/or the server in any way.
    4. If caught using a hack client or unfair modification while recording / streaming, you will obtain the same punishment in game.
    5. You may link your videos / streams in chat if they are done on the server, but they must not contain any other server's information, ips, names, etc.
    6. Do not spam links to your videos / streams.​

    Staff + Builder Rules

    1. Staff are required to follow the server rules just like normal players.
    2. Staff may use xray texture packs / mods in order to find xrayers. They may NOT use any form of hack client. Doing so will result in normal punishments. They may NOT use xray for personal gain. (Management team is an exception due to testing)
    3. Staff may not abuse their powers. We are generally okay about small pranks and things to that nature, but if a player is mad, or a rule is broken, you will be punished.
    4. Staff punishments are more severe than generally player punishments. This is due to the fact that we put a lot of trust and expectation into our staff team.
    5. Staff and builders with creative mode are NOT allowed to give out items, sell items, or keep items for their personal gain. (If you are building a house for someone, they must supply the materials. You may build your own stuff with creative, but you may not use excessive ores or anything of major value.)
    6. Get along with the other staff. If you are going to start fights or constantly argue with other staff, you will have your rank taken without question.
    7. Do not leak any player's personal information, ip address, or anything confidential. This will lead to a permanent IP ban from the server.
    8. Do not intertwine staff and personal relationships. (All staff should be professional toward each other, no sexual or extremely intimate relationships in the server.) (Outside of the sever is not our business.)
    9. If you have access to the wand, you may clear land for players if you would like to. You may not set blocks for the such as wood, ores, etc.
    10. Staff are not required to teleport to or assist members if they refuse to give a valid reason for needing assistants.
    11. Staff are required to let higher staff know about any reported bugs or issues found on the server. (Including, but not limited to, glitches, exploits, etc.)
    12. Admin+ and their alternate accounts may not hold a position on any leader boards (Balance, level, etc.)
    13. If you are staff on our server, we expect you to be loyal to the server. You may be demoted if you are staff on multiple servers depending on if it effects moderation time on this server.
    14. Staff are required to follow all staff rules on the server, website, and discord!
    15. Staff are allowed to have more than 3 alternate accounts for use of catching rule breakers. They may NOT use it for person gain.
    16. All staff are required to obey the commands of the management team.
    17. The management team is allowed to demote any staff member, but must supply a reason.
    18. If 2/3 management team members vote on a rule, promotion, demotion, etc then it will be put into place.
    19. If management happens to break staff rules, punishments will be more severe.
    20. If you start drama or get involved in drama as a staff member, you will most likely receive an instant demotion and negotiable ban based on the offence.
    21. Procrastinating getting on the server, yet playing elsewhere will not be tolerated. If you cannot get in your hour a day but can on another server, then you might as well apply there.
    22. Do not whine or constantly get offended by everything. As staff, you are meant to be mature and able to handle anyone. This server is not your safe space to hide from players.
    23. Do not encourage bullying, harassment, self-harm, etc. This will most likely result in an instant demotion and negotiable ban.
    24. Staff members are not allowed to swear, even if it's filtered. Private messages or staff chat is okay, but public chat is not. This will lead to an instant strike.
    25. Do not create hatred toward other staff. If there is someone you do not like working with, then come to the management team and explain the situation.
    The management team is here to run the server and watch over the staff team. Do not be afraid to come to the management team if you have any issues.

    Disallowed Mods
    Hack client related mods
    Player finders (Tracers)
    Knockback Modifier
    No fall damage
    World download
    Auto Clicker (Not just hacks, any auto clicker)
    Auto Reconnect
    Anything that could be used as an unfair advantage​

    Approved Mods
    Mini Map (No player trackers)
    FPS Mods
    Brightness Mods
    Toggle Sprint
    Cosmetic Mods.
    Mods that do not effect game play.​
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