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    What is your in game name?

    What is your age?

    Why should we choose you as a builder?
    i have many ideas and i build in a way that makes it easy to improve upon my designs, also i have alot of time on my hands since i only play golf and flute, also another reason for choosing me as builder is that i work well with other people, im also open about kritisism if like a build is bad and people tell me where it is bad i improve upon it.

    no i havent been builder ''rank'' before but i have helped an owner build on a different server

    Have you been builder for any other servers before?

    How long can you play per day?
    3-5 hours depending on the day maybe more

    Please provide at least TWO links of screenshots of DIFFERENT builds.
    Second build_______________________________________________
    third build (not on this server)_____________________________
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