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Welcome to Skyfall!
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Here some of our useful commands ingame:
  • /Msg [player] [message]: Send a private message
  • /Pay [player] [money]: Pay another player using in game currency
  • /Balance: Check your balance
  • /Shop: Teleport to the shop
  • /Warp: Teleport to different locations within the server
  • /PWarp: Teleport to other player's warps within the server
  • /Tpa <player>: Send a teleport request to another player
  • /Tpahere <player>: Send a request for a player to teleport to you
  • /Tpyes: Accepts your most recent teleport request
  • /Tpno: Denies your most recent teleport request
  • /Wild: Teleports you to a random spot in the world
  • /HowToClaim: Detailed tutorial on how to claim your land
  • /Res: Extra land claiming commands
  • /Spawn: Teleport back to the spawn location
  • /Discord: Join our discord for community events, support, and interaction
  • /Vote: Vote for the server and receive awesome rewards
  • /Store: View the server's web store for ranks and perks
  • /Enchants: View a list of the custom enchants
  • /Sethome <name>: Set your home at your current location
  • /Home <name>: Teleport to the home that you set
  • /Kit: Claim your kits
  • /Sf Guide: Receive a  new Slimefun Guide