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Steps to claim your land:
  1. Type /kit claim to get a golden shovel. This will be the tool used for claiming.
  2. Once you have a golden shovel, you will need to select two points for the claim. Right click one point and left click the other. They will need to be in the shape of a square. (Claims will go from bedrock to build limit, so you don't have to worry about the y-coordinate.)
  3. Once you are happy with the shape and size of your claim, you will type /res create <name> in chat. The name of your claim can be whatever you want, as long as it doesn't already exist. If a claim with that name already exists, it will let you know in chat. (Example: /res create 1234)
  4. After that, your claim should be created! It will let you know in the chat if it was successful. Once you create the claim, you will want to type /sethome <name> to set a home at that location. This is so you can easily get back to it later by typing /home.
  5. For a list of all the claiming commands, you can type /res help in chat.
Basic Claiming Commands:
  • /Res create <name>: Creates your claim
  • /Res padd <player>: Adds a player to your claim
  • /Res pdel <player>: Removes a player from your claim
  • /Res info: Tells you info about the claim you are standing in
  • /Res remove <name>: Deletes your defined claim
  • /Res set: Sets specific flags in your residence
  • /Res pset <player>: Sets a player's permissions in your residence
  • /Res expand <amount>: Expands your claim by the specified amount of blocks in the direction you are facing
  • /Res subzone: Manages sub claims within your claim
  • /Res help: Lists more commands available through the claiming plugin