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Suggestion Shop changes and achievements

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Username: ItsGema

What is your in game name? ItsGema

Which gamemode are you suggesting this change in? Survival

Please give a relevant title for your suggestion Shop changes and achievements

Please describe what your suggestion is. As for shop changes I've already mentioned this but figured having a post would do some good. I think adding some sort of merchant with animal drops such as meats (maybe switch leather and feathers to this merchant as well) and I figured along with this merchant also add fish to the list of sellable items. It's not a huge change but I think this will add a little more variety to the profit game and give a little more variety to grinders from being mainly iron golems and vindicators to also having some animal grinders. As for achievements me and some other players were conversing about this a couple days ago, we think having some sort of custom achievement system along with claimable rewards for getting these achievements would be great. Some example achievements we mentioned would be things like | Reach ~ profile level| |Obtain Fortunite ore| |Slay ~ Boss/mini-boss|. There's definitely more important things to be updating/working on currently but we'd love to see something like this in the future.

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