McCaverns Newsletter | Edition #7


Application Manager
Mar 1, 2015
Minecraft Name
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 7th Official McCaverns Newsletter!

The first major announcement we have is the development of our new minigame, bedwars!
After many requests and a landslide poll, we have decided to listen to the community and begin development! The current development (At the time of writing this) is coming along very well. There is already a wide variety of maps in the making, as well as some great plugins & features!

Our brand new murder minigame has also been released for beta recently!
If you wish to try this new game, bring a few friends and use the selector in hub to get to the game. The game requires at least 2 people to initiate.

Recent Drama + Issues
As some of you may know, there has been some drama and fights in the community recently.
I want to address these issues, and let you all know that this will NOT be tolerated.
Anyone who purposely starts un-needed drama and/or spreads rumors about others may be banned from the server WITHOUT WARNING. This is meant to be a friendly community, therefore we will be removing the sources to our problems if needed. This is a pre-warning to everyone who may be involved in the drama.

Survival Lag Issues
It appears we have also fixed many lag issues in survival. Thanks to you all for reporting them, we were able to fix a lot of bugs as well. If you find a bug, or have a suggestion for the server, feel free to submit it on our forums!

Congratulations to Jake on promotion to Co-Owner, and our Ex-Admin Cassie on returning to the staff team as a Moderator!

Thank you all for taking time to read this. The community wouldn't exist without all of you! Have a great day!
- Sniper​