McCaverns Newsletter | Edition #5


Mar 1, 2015
Minecraft Name
Hello everyone! This is the 5th edition of the McCaverns Newsletter. This week I am discussing some updates that have came to the server recently.

Leveling + Token Update
The first update I would like to discuss in the leveling and token update. As you may already know, levels were reset on the server. There is now a leaderboard in hub for the level system, as well as tokens that you earn when leveling up. These tokens can be spent in game for cool prizes. Read all about it here.

Major Survival Update
This past week also brought another major survival update. This update consisted of slime fun and many other features that have been requested several times over the past few months. So far the feedback seems to be really good from these new features. Read all about it and check it out for yourself here.

Upcoming Announcements
I am happy to announce that we may soon have a server on the bedrock edition of minecraft. This server will either be survival or creative plots. (Still to be decided) We will post an update if we go through with this idea and fully complete the server, as it is still in development.

Congrats to our newest promotion to moderator, Desert.

Thank you all for taking time to read this. We are working hard to bring you new updates and features. With this being said, if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them on the forums and issues can be reported to:
Have a great day!
- Sniper