McCaverns Newsletter | Edition #4


Mar 1, 2015
Minecraft Name
Hello everyone! Welcome to the fourth edition of the McCaverns Newsletter!
We will be discussing all the recent promotions, demotions, and some news about the server!

New Game!
(Coming Soon)
The first announcement I would like to make is the development of the brand new game mode! This game should be released in beta within a few weeks to months.
This game mode is too early in development to announce the type just yet, but we will be announcing it in an upcoming newsletter.
Thanks to everyone who is helping out with development and building!

Levels (Update)
(Coming Soon)
Another new feature that is in development is the network wide level system. At the moment, the levels are useless and only to show off as a competitive side of the server. We have plans to soon give them a full purpose as well as points to spend from leveling up!

Promotions and Demotions
We would like to congratulate Jake on winning the manager voting!
As manager, he will help decide many of the new features and rules of the server, as well as managing the staff team. Make sure you guys go congratulate him!

As for demotions, unfortunately we have had to make a tough choice and cut Assassin from the team. He is a great guy and may be back in the future, but for now, he has left as a respected ex-staff member with no issues between himself or the server.

Another demotion, being our ex-manager Shy has also occurred. Unlike Assassin, he is not a respected ex-staff member. In fact, he was extremely immature, rude, and not fit for staff. He abused his powers and is no longer trusted by the staff team.

And for the final one, we have a resignation from Tayler. She has left on good terms, and could be back in the near future. She needed some time off from the staff team to deal with some real life situations. She has informed us that she will still try to play the server when possible, so she should still be a part of the community.

It seems we have had many demotions within the last week, two being our decision and one not. With this being said, if interested in applying for staff you may do so at

Thanks for taking time to read this, and have a great day!
- Sniper​