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Official Helper Guidelines


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How to Apply
You can apply for helper at

Rules of Helper
1. False bans will result in a failed helper trial. Do not ban if you are not sure about the situation. (Mainly referring to xray and hack bans)
2. Always listen to higher up staff. If they ask you for an opinion on a situation, give your honest opinion.
3. Do not ask staff members about your promotion to mod. You will be given it if we feel you are worthy.
4. Do not argue with mods or admins. If you believe they are doing something wrong, collect evidence and send it to the management team.
5. Stay active on the server. Most demotions happen due to staff members being lazy or losing motivation to come on the server. If you're going to be inactive, simply resign.
6. The helper period will last for about 2 weeks to a month. After your time is up, you will either be promoted to Moderator, or demoted completely, based on the Management Team's judgement on your time as staff. Arguing or causing drama over this decision will lead to a blacklist from the staff team and possibly a ban if continued.​


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