Accepted Despiro's Staff Application


New Member
May 6, 2019
Minecraft Name
Member Name Despiro

Please select "I agree" if you agree that you have read all of the requirements before applying.
I agree

Please select "I understand" if you understand the following:
"Make sure that you are fully aware of the rules before applying. In your application, include as much detail as possible, and check for spelling / grammar mistakes."

I understand

Minecraft In Game Name

Your age

How long have you played our server?
9 months

Have you been banned from our server before?

Which of our gamemode(s) do you play the most?

What is your time zone?

Why should we choose you?
I am a extremely active member of the community both in game and in discord frequently spending hours in public voice channels with other players and staff members and in text channels , in game i help players with questions or problems whether staff are online or not and being as helpful as possible with the abilities i have a titan making a mod would allow me to help in ways that were unavailable to me prior to its power such as dealing with cheaters,scammers,chat spammers etc allowing me to use the power and authority that would be given to me to help make the server a much more enjoyable experience for all involved.

What is your current rank?

What is your discord name?
Despiro #1190

Have you been staff on other servers before?

How long can you play per day?
1-16 hours

Which languages can you speak fluently?

Are you currently, or have you been a part of the support team?

In your own words, what is the job of a staff member?
A member of the servers community who volunteers their time to provide help and guidance to players as well as to act as a consular and representative on behalf of the sever and its owner, displaying professionalism and dealing with situations without bias or at least to the best of their capability of doing so whilst resolving conflicts between 2 or more parties.

Do you agree that if you are accepted, you will do a voice call with staff via discord?
(Requires discord and a microphone)

I agree

By selected "I agree", you agree that your application is completely genuine. You also agree that this application is not a troll in any way. You will also not ask any staff members or anyone in game about your application or else it may be automatically denied. Last of all, you agree that you will only apply once per two weeks unless given permission by an admin+ otherwise.
I agree