Denied Da_Magic_Slime's Support Application


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Aug 29, 2019
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User name: Da_Magic_Slime

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Why should we choose you?
You should choose me because I would be a good addition to the support team. I used to run a server in elementary school with my friend (it did better than I would've thought it would being ran by 10 year olds), so I have a general understanding of how to help a server run. I started playing minecraft regularly again about 4 months ago, after getting a new computer, and loved McCaverns since I started playing, and loved it even more when I figured out slimefun. I now have 54 hours on the server and a pretty good understanding of slimefun and the other workings of the server and I would love to be the newest addition to the support team

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On a scale of 1 - 5, how good do you think you are at handling situations in a mature and respectful manner?
4 (Great)

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By selected "I agree", you agree that your application is completely genuine. You also agree that this application is not a troll in any way. You will also not ask any staff members or anyone in game about your application or else it may be automatically denied. Last of all, you agree that you will only apply once per two weeks unless given permission by an admin+ otherwise.
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