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  1. ItsSniper

    Denied Unban Application

    Nah bud. I’m not even gonna give you a proper response to this app. You were banned for being a pedo, thats fucking disgusting and you can stay the **** off my server. **** you. Have a nice day!
  2. ItsSniper

    Pending TElder: Server Bug

    @TElder The entire network is offline for revamp. It'll be back soon.
  3. ItsSniper

    Store perk or rank suggestions

    We will look into these suggestions in our upcoming revamp. Thanks! @TElder
  4. ItsSniper

    TElder: General Concern

    I am not sure the exact reason for your issue @TElder, but Survival has been having many data issues in general recently. This is due to Survival not being reset in a long time and currently reaching over 300+ GB in memory. Since we can no longer do much with this server, we are working on a...
  5. ItsSniper

    Update Survival Update 2.3.8 [Bug Fixes]

    Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that another Survival update is here! This update doesn't really add any new features, but does fix some major bugs that have been reported recently. Fixed: • Fixed voting / vote for fly • Fixed the slot machines • Fixed right clicking on the wheel •...
  6. ItsSniper

    LTup: Purchase Issue

    What sub server did you purchase them on? And you also did not include the transaction ID. @LTup
  7. ItsSniper

    Yes, some weekend maintenance. Should be back up tomorrow!

    Yes, some weekend maintenance. Should be back up tomorrow!
  8. ItsSniper

    Cant join skyblock

    The competitive Skyblock server is not online, and hasn't been for months. Only non-competitive.
  9. ItsSniper

    McCaverns 1.14 update

    No problem :)
  10. ItsSniper

    Official Video Submissions - Homepage Feature

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the Video Showcase section of the forums! In this sub-forum, you can showcase any McCaverns related videos that you want! (As long as they follow our rules of course.) By showcasing your videos, you may potentially be featured on the front page of our site, in the...
  11. ItsSniper

    McCaverns 1.14 update

    Generally 2 weeks maximum. We just got our new site though, so we are working everything out at the moment.
  12. ItsSniper

    McCaverns 1.14 update

    We have actually just updated it. It’s a bit buggy at the moment, but we’re working on all of that. More updates soon :)
  13. ItsSniper

    Invalid Foxxxxxie: Server Bug

    Hello! Thank you for submitting your bug report to us. We would like to conclude that this is in fact not a bug. The issue here is that you need silk touch in order to mine a spawner. That is the only enchant that we support for mining spawners. Thank you again for submitting, and have a great...
  14. ItsSniper

    Update Network Update 2.2.5 - New Website + Account Syncing

    Hello everyone! We have another huge update for you all. This update brings a brand new website design as well as account syncing for both our discord and website! Changed: • Added account & rank syncing (Type /sync in Hub) • Added a new Member+ method (Rank syncing) • Added a new Support /...
  15. ItsSniper

    Update Survival Update 2.3.7 - 1.14.4 Update

    Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that Survival has officially been updated to 1.14.4. You may now join with 1.14.4 and use the 1.14.4 features in the game! We highly recommend that everyone updates to this version for the best experience. (If you are not on it yet.) Those of you who...
  16. ItsSniper

    McCaverns 1.14 update

    In all honesty, we have only been holding back to ensure the best stability possible. Our fears when it comes to updating is if the server will lag and if any plugins will break or become unsupported. We're at the point now where we think we could make a smooth transition, it's just about...
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  18. ItsSniper

    Denied Unban Application

    I'd say it's pretty clear: Application DENIED.
  19. ItsSniper

    Denied Unban Application

    Hello! Thank you for taking time to apply for an unban. Unfortunately, your application has been DENIED. My reason for this is due to the fact that you were using bhop and antikb, as I watched you do it myself. You also are applying within 2 weeks of being banned, which is against the rules...