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  1. ItsSniper

    Pending User_name: Server Bug

    Hello! Thank you for reaching out! After further review, we have concluded that you are using a VPN. It could either be a program / app or built into your router, but you are in fact using one. We do not allow connections using a VPN to join the server. If you want to join, you will need to...
  2. ItsSniper

    Pending David_Mate_: Server Bug

    Alright, after scanning your IP, I have deemed it not a VPN / threat. You should be free to join now! @David_Mate_
  3. ItsSniper

    Pending David_Mate_: Server Bug

    I'm a bit confused as to what the issue is @David_Mate_. We do not allow VPNs / Proxies on our server. If you're currently using a VPN or Proxy, that would be why you can't join. If you aren't however, I will look further into it.
  4. ItsSniper

    Denied YouTuber Application

    Hello! Thank you for taking time to apply for YouTuber Rank. Unfortunately, your application has been DENIED. Before giving you the rank, we'd like to see some channel growth. Plus, you have recently broken our rules by messaging staff on discord / the website asking for us to review your...
  5. ItsSniper

    Denied YouTuber Application

    Hello! Thank you for taking time to apply for YouTuber Rank. Unfortunately, your application has been DENIED. Before giving you the rank, we'd like to see some channel growth. Plus due to your recent punishment, we have to deny your application. Feel free to apply again in 2 weeks if your...
  6. ItsSniper

    Invalid 100FPS_Gaming: General Concern

    Hello! This is a support form, not an unban application. That's why there is no option under "Why are you contacting us" that states "Unban". We have a separate form for a reason. Also, you are in the wrong. Even if it says "If you do not claim your land, it is your fault" that does not...
  7. ItsSniper

    Pending Totts234: General Question

    This issue is not related to our server. This is a Minecraft related issue. You’ll need to restart your game / launcher completely @Totts234
  8. ItsSniper

    Survival Revamp BETA!

    Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that the Survival Revamp is finally released! Now before listing off the features and fun stuff, I do have to inform you all that it is technically in "beta" mode, therefore bugs are expected and not everything that we want to get released is fully...
  9. ItsSniper

    Builder Application

    At the moment, we are not accepting any applications for any ranks. We're in the process of revamping the app system completely, and revamping many aspects of the server, as mentioned in our discord. In order to be accepted, you generally have to be an active part of our community too. So you'd...
  10. ItsSniper

    Skyblock Issue

    Hello, thank you for taking time to submit your idea, however, in my opinion this isn't really a change we're looking to make on Skyblock. At the moment, the current state of Skyblock is meant to be more like classic economy skyblock. Rolling back features like that shop would honestly just...
  11. ItsSniper

    Invalid alien_from_mars0: General Concern

    You didn’t forget, you were just hoping that we didn’t see it or that we forgot. Don’t lie to staff again or it’ll be a perm ban. Also, don’t bother ever applying for any position here. We will auto deny. Thread locked.
  12. ItsSniper

    Fixed Xx_ytrewq_xX: Server Bug

    Hello! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The bug has since been fixed, and should no longer occur. Have a great day!
  13. ItsSniper

    Fixed Omg_ItsLizzie: Purchase Issue

    No problem, have a great day!
  14. ItsSniper

    Fixed Omg_ItsLizzie: Purchase Issue

    Hello! Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, the transaction will take 6-8 days to go through. Reason for this is because you paid using a PayPal eCheck, rather than normal PayPal balance, and we do not receive the funds from the eCheck for 6-8 days in most cases. (According to PayPal) I...
  15. ItsSniper

    Update RPG Survival 1.1.0 - Spring Economy Update

    Changes: • Added player warps • Added player shops • Added "Quest" NPC to spawn • Added a few basic quests • Added "Odd Trader" NPC to spawn • Added new "Mysterious Egg" drop to villagers (Can be traded for player shops in spawn. Visit the Random Trader.) • Added the Spring Crate (Limited Time)...
  16. ItsSniper

    RPG Survival 1.0.1 - Lucky or Unlucky Update

    Added: • Added lucky block functionality • Added an [AFK] indicator on TAB • Added Tailor NPC functionality to spawn (Used for custom set) • Added basic custom set to Tailor NPC • Increased the "Buy More" option in shop Fixed: • Vote for day not allowing you to vote "no" • Minor bugs
  17. ItsSniper

    RPG Survival 1.0 - Scary Swamp Update

    Added: • Crocodiles (Found in swamps) • Crocodile Scales (Obtained from crocodiles) • Crocodile Armor (Crafted with crocodile scales) • Frogs (Found in swamps) • Frog Boots (10% chance to drop from a frog) • Vote for day • Trading (/trade <player>) Fixed: • Potentially fixed more crash...
  18. ItsSniper

    RPG Survival Beta 1.0.3

    Added: • Added upgradeable hoppers (Hit them to upgrade) (Hopper Linking / Hopper Suction / Item Filter) • Added craftable custom bow / fishing rod (Basic items) • Added new runes: Boulder, Beacon, Potion, Thor, Blink, Magic, and Repair • Added Obsidian Armor Fixed: • Fixed some issues with...
  19. ItsSniper

    RPG Survival Beta 1.0.2

    Added: • Added more RAM to Survival • Added Obsidian Armor (/recipes) • Added Envoys (Every few hours in /warp pvp) • Added more lag checks / crash logs (Should help us prevent lags and crashes.) Fixed: • Fixed a shop exploit • Fixed some mob related issues • Fixed minor bugs A very big update...
  20. ItsSniper

    Update RPG Survival Beta 1.0.1

    Added: • Blacksmith (For item repairs. Found in spawn.) • Custom recipe GUI (/recipes) • Many new optimizations (Still testing more, should help with the lag.) • You can now convert baseer tokens to rune coins (Found in Solomon at /warp boss) • Added new runes: Trash Rune, Blissful Rune, and...