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Welcome to McCaverns's rules page!
Click on the tabs above to see the different sections of the rules.

Note: Breaking of any rules makes you subject to warnings, mutes, kicks, and bans from the server. Punishment determined by severity and staff's discretion.

Useful links:

Disallowed Behavior:
  1. Swearing / Filter Bypass
  2. Spamming
  3. Character Spam
  4. Excessive Caps
  5. Non English Chat
  6. Advertising*
  7. Death Threats*
  8. Doxxing / Ddosing*
  9. Being Obnoxious
Rule Explanation
*Advertising - We allow advertising of appropriate content made on McCaverns. However advertising any outside content or servers will not be tolerated.
*Death Threats - Instant Perm Ban
*Doxxing / Ddosing - Instant Network / IP Ban
Disallowed Behavior:
  1. Harassment
  2. Major trolling
  3. Discrimination
  4. Staff Disrespect
  5. Staff Impersonation
  6. Disobeying Staff
  7. Punishment Evasion
  8. Arguing with Staff
Disallowed Behavior:
  1. Hacking / Xraying*
  2. Glitch Abuse
  3. Griefing
  4. Scamming
  5. Overclaiming*
  6. Troll Claiming*
  7. Unfair Mods*
  8. Auto Clicker*
Rule Explanation
*1. Hacking / Xraying - Xray texture packs and block glitches are also considered Xray, not just mods!
*5. Overclaiming - Claiming mass amounts of land compared to what is actually being used
*6. Troll Claiming - Claiming other player's builds or resources
*7. Unfair Mods - Using any modification to your game / client that provides an unfair advantage
*8. Auto clickers are not allowed if they are over 5 CPS. They can only be used for farm-related purposes. They are NOT permitted in PvP or the pub. 
Disallowed Behavior:
  1. Inappropriate or Offensive Usernames, Profile Pictures, Statuses, or Bios
  2. Excessive Swearing
  3. Mass DM'ing / DM Advertising
  4. Major Trolling
  5. Mic Spamming
  6. Arguing / Discussing Punishments
  7. Attempting to Tag Everyone (Staff excluded from rule)
  8. DM'ing Staff* (Staff excluded from rule)
  9. Spamming / Excessive Caps
  10. Using non English characters / chat
  11. Character Spam
  12. Harassment
  13. Discrimination
Rule Explanations
*DM'ing Staff - Please use the ticket system in #support rather than directly DM'ing Staff