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    What is your in game name?

    What is your channel link?

    Please link at least one video you have made on the server.

    How many subscribers do you have at the time of applying?

    About how many views do you get per video?
    20 - 50

    Do you have a high quality microphone for recording?

    Are your videos in at least 720p HD quality and 30 FPS?

    Is your content family friendly?

    Have you had an recent in game or forums punishments?

    By selecting "I agree", you agree that you will not ask staff to review your application in game. You also agree that your subscribers and views are genuine and not botted. You agree that you are still subject to follow the rules like a normal player, and if accepted, your rank may be removed at any time with or without reason.
    I agree

    Be sure to join our discord as well to get your rank there if you are accepted!
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