Shortened Unban Application

Discussion in 'Shortened' started by Demand_Cruz, Jul 21, 2017.

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  1. Demand_Cruz

    Demand_Cruz New Member

    What is your in game name?

    Why have you been banned for the server?

    How long is your current ban for?
    4 Weeks

    Why should we unban you?
    Yes, i did X-Ray and I shouldn't have done it. I was told that life would be easier if I X-ray and I see cheating wouldn't get me anywhere but in trouble. I'm Sorry for using X-Ray. I should've stuck to the rules since this is the best server I have been on, and it was wrong for me to cheat. I'm sorry..

    Do you believe that you were in the wrong?

    Do you believe that your punishment was fair?

    Do you agree to follow the rules of the server if you get unbanned?
  2. xboxbloodhound

    xboxbloodhound Ex Co-Owner Ex-Staff

    Hello! Thank you for taking time to apply for an unban.

    Your application has been SHORTENED.

    This means your 4 week ban has been cut down to 1 week. Keep in mind that this will stay on your record and Staff will be constantly watching you.

    Thanks, and have a great day!
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