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    What is your current in game name?

    What was your in game name at the time of being banned?

    Why have you been banned from the server?
    Drama, Spam, Being Toxic, Being Sexist, Excessive Swearing, Being Rude, and Harassing Staff

    How many ban offenses have you had on our server?

    How long is your current ban for?

    Why should we unban you?
    Well I got banned on 8-17-17 its been close to a year as in today is 8-2-18. I have changed to be mature person, not using swear words and learning to respect one another. During and before the time I got banned I was in middle school, confused in life I decided to use the internet as a exploit to channel my anger towards other people. But, as I said I have change since the year. My apologies to the female staff team for calling them such names etc.

    Do you believe that you were in the wrong?

    Do you believe that your punishment was fair?

    Do you agree to follow the rules of the server if you get unbanned?

    By selecting "I agree", you agree that your ban is 8+ days, and you have waited out your ban for a duration of at least 7 days. If you have not, you will be instantly denied. (If you do not agree, it’s an instant deny. You might as well not apply if you do not)
    I agree
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