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  1. ItsSniper

    ItsSniper Owner

    Hello everyone! It is time for another survival update! It is not completely released yet, but should be fully released within the next few days. This update will include the following changes.​
    • Parkour (There are little amounts of courses at the moment, but more will be released soon!)
    • New chat reaction system (Now with more words and reaction hovering.)
    • New /profile to link your twitter in game.
    • Custom Enchants (Currently in development but more info in the next few days)
    • Anti cheat speed glitch fixed.
    • Cleaned up the warps
    • Upgraded server's ram
    • Fixed minor bugs
    Thank you all who reported bugs or gave suggestions. We plan on having some more updates soon, so be sure to continue to do so. Have a great day!​
  2. Umer Imam

    Umer Imam New Member

    yeess thank god parkour i was waiting for soo long to have a parkour course in the lobby or something

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