Survival Update (Major Bug Fixes)

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    Hello everyone! It is finally time for another survival update! This update will include some much needed bug fixes that a lot of people have been reporting. The following are the list of changes.​

    • Pushing is now disabled. (Parkour will be a bit easier)
    • Disguises no longer move or "slide" on their own.
    • Crates no longer have a "parsing" error.
    • Added a better entity removal plugin in order to clear all drops instead of a small radius around players.
    • Fixed duplicated NPCs at spawn.
    • Fixed minor daily reward issue. (It would sometimes give a negative value)
    • Fixed a name tag bug where it showed the incorrect rank on name tags.
    • Fixed a voting link bug. (One of the vote links didn't always give you a reward)
    • Fixed some major lag issues on the server causing low TPS.
    • Fixed an issue showing players online on /list who have already signed out.
    • Fixed some minor issues.
    Thanks to everyone who reported issues to me. More features and bug fixes should be coming in the near future. If you have suggestions or would like to make a report, feel free to do so on our forums or support.​
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    cool now unban me so I can experience these updates ;)

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