Official Survival Event #1 [Zombie Arena]

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  1. ItsSniper

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    Hello everyone! I am happy to announce our first official event! This event is titled "Zombie Arena", which should be pretty self explanatory. In order to join the event, you type the command "/warp event" while in game.

    Event Details
    Start Date: December 13, 2017
    End Date: December 27, 2017

    ā— There is a small chance to obtain keys by killing zombies.
    ā— Each zombie killed in the arena is $1.00 in game money.
    ā— If the entire server hits a total of 100,000 zombies killed, we will do an Immortal rank giveaway!
    (Checked with /eventcount)

    1. Although we should have completely disabled it, if you use fly or find a bypass, you will be blacklisted from the event and possibly future events.
    2. Hacking in events may lead to a more severe punishment.
    3. Cheating (Such as finding spots where zombies cannot reach you) will lead to an event blacklist.

    Thanks for taking time to read this. If you have ideas for future events, let us know in the comments of this post or on the forums. Have a great day!
    - Sniper
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  2. Mr_DagALkeef_B7

    Mr_DagALkeef_B7 New Member

    Nice event. Good luck everyone. <3
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  3. coorlak

    coorlak New Member

    Hi sorry to ask here but what's the command the allows me to abandon a home?
    and these homes I have set I had them when I last played mc before like 6 months did they disappear forever?
  4. ItsSniper

    ItsSniper Owner

    /delhome <home> will delete a home.

    As for your other question, Iā€™m not exactly sure what you mean, sorry.

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