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    /sethome <name> - Sets a home (3 by default)
    /home <name> - Teleport to your home
    /warp <name> - Goes to specific warp
    /spawn - Teleport to spawn
    /pvp - Toggles your pvp
    /pwarp - View player warps
    /tpa <player> - Send tpa request
    /tpahere <player> - Send tpa request to you
    /tpyes - Accepts tpa request
    /tpno - Denies tpa request
    /bal - Views your balance
    /pay <player> <amount> - Pay a player
    /baltop - Views top balances
    /ah - Opens the auction house

    /claim - Claims a small area
    /buyclaim <amount> - Buys more claim blocks
    /trust <player> - Add a player to your claim
    /untrust <player> - Remove a player from your claim
    /abandonclaim - Deletes the claim you're in
    /extendclaim - Extends your claim
    /claimlist - Shows your claims and their coordinates
    /claimbook - Receive the claim book

    /vote - Vote for the server
    /donate - Donate to the server
    /chatreport - Report a player's in-game chat.​
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