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    Hello everyone! We are happy to announce the release of Survival 2.0. This is the first stage of the beta, which is currently only opened to ranked players. Within 1-2 days, everyone should have access to the server once Beta #2 is released.

    This new update brings the following features:
    • Added a new spawn
    • Added chat games
    • Added new crates
    • Added custom enchants back
    • Added door / chest locking
    • Added custom terrain
    • Added chest shops
    • Rebalanced the economy
    • Revamped daily rewards
    • Revamped jobs menu
    • Revamped kits
    • Revamped plugin messages
    • Fixed some slimefun bugs (The items in the slimefun guide were steal-able)
    • Fixed many minor bugs
    • And more minor features

    Please remember that there WILL be MANY bugs in the beta. Abuse of the bugs will lead to a ban. Please report any bugs, shop glitches, or any other issues that you find.

    If you want to join, head onto the server and do /survival. Thanks you all for taking time to read this and being patient while we revamped the server. Have a great day!​
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