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    Hello everyone! Recently I have had a lot of questions regarding ranks and what exactly each rank does. Therefore I decided I would make this post to clear up any confusion.

    Owner Rank - Executive of the server. In charge of plugins, server management, website management, etc.

    Rank - Co-Executive of the server. In charge of monitoring staff, reviewing applications, and assisting with management / testing.

    Manager Rank - Manager of the server. In charge of screensharing, scouting YTs, demoting inactive staff / youtubers, and enforcing staff rules.

    Admin Rank - Administrator of the server. In charge of helping lower staff, responding to issues, enforcing server rules.

    Mod Rank - Moderator of the server. In charge of enforcing server rules and reporting bugs found to higher staff.

    Helper Rank - Training rank of the server. In charge of enforcing server rules. (1-2 week rank to test ability to be staff)

    Builder Rank - Builder of the server. In charge of building specific projects assigned by Owner / Co-Owner. Including, but not limited to, new spawns, hubs, maps, etc.

    VIP Rank - Long time player of the server. Ex staff member or builder.

    YT Rank - YouTuber of the server. Creates content for the server via YouTube to help advertise for the server.

    Immortal - Limited edition rank.

    Elite, Legend, Shadow, Ultra, Omega - Donator ranks of the server.

    Member Rank - Default rank of the server.
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