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    Hello everyone. I don't really know how to start this post, as I am disappointed with the current direction of the community. With this being said, I am going to jump straight to the point.

    It has come to the attention of myself and many within the community that the drama has became too much. There is constantly arguments, back stabbing, harassing, lying, etc. going on in the community. This will be coming to an end. I don't care who you are, if you're staff, if you're a long time player, etc. I will be taking care of these issues. If you're going to go behind someone's back to trash talk, then you aren't a true member of the community. If you're going to spread false lies about others, you also aren't a true member of the community. And if you're just here to seek attention or start chat arguments, don't bother coming to our server. In the matter of the next few days, if things don't change, I will be taking the responsibility of changing it myself, meaning banning people that you may not have ever expected to be banned. Don't think that I don't know what's going on in the community. After owning this server for almost 3 years, I've learned to deal with many two faced people. Some people who seem "innocent" are actually very two faced, and I will be banning them from the server 1 by 1. This is the final warning to everyone.

    Toxic Players
    It has also come to my attention that more and more toxic players have been entering the community recently. By this, I mean players who are constantly harassing others, cyber bullying others, making fun of others, etc. This is now coming to an end as well. If caught doing this to other players, you will be dealt with accordingly. There will NOT be free passes or handouts to those who harass others, just because they are "friends" or "long time players". I am ready to put an end to any bullying. If caught doing any of this, you will be banned without warning. And if you test me or try finding your limits, you might as well start searching for a new server to play on. This is a community, meaning we need to act as a community, not as a group of immature players who all hate each other.

    Hateful Community
    Recently I have seen a lot of hate in the community. Not just toward each other, but toward the server, staff, etc. Just remember that before you go hating on the server, consider all of the time that myself and the staff team pour into the server. We do not have to do any of it, yet we do it for YOUR ENJOYMENT. If you created something and spent years on it for other's to enjoy, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want them constantly trashing it. Honest feedback and criticism is alright, but if you're going to trash talk something without anything to back it up, you will be removed from the server. Also, many people recently have been disrespecting members of the staff team. Before doing this consider the fact that they are all VOLUNTEERS, they also do not have to put time into the server. Think about what the server would be like without them. They constantly ban hackers, report issues, keep chat safe, etc. If you expect respect from the staff team, you need to respect them as well.

    PG-13 Chat
    The final statement I want to talk about is the chat. Recently a lot of filter bypassing and very inappropriate conversations have been happening in the chat. This will happen no longer. Our chat is meant to be safe for everyone. If someone who is younger wants to play our server, they (or their legal guardian) should not have to worry about playing here. I have seen many explicit and sexual conversations recently. This will all be coming to an end.

    I hope I have made everything clear in this post. If you think this is a joke or that I won't follow through, then try me. I can guarantee you that myself and the staff team will be trying our hardest to make this community a better, more fun, and more safe place. Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and have an amazing day!

    - Sniper

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