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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Paradox, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Paradox

    Paradox New Member

    Member Name Paradox

    Please select "I agree" if you agree that you have read all of the requirements before applying.

    Please select "I understand" if you understand the following:
    "Make sure that you are fully aware of the rules before applying. In your application, include as much detail as possible, and check for spelling / grammar mistakes."

    Minecraft In Game Name
    I don’t have a java account

    Your age
    13.82 Billion

    How long have you played our server?

    Have you been banned from our server before?

    What is your time zone?

    Why should we choose you?
    I Don’t have a Java account but I think I would be a Great addition as I can Be called the greatest mod ever because I don’t get on ever and I can draw a giraffe in ms paint.

    What is your current rank?

    What is your discord name?
    Paradox of fire #6958

    Have you been staff on other servers before?

    How long can you play per day?

    Which languages can you speak fluently?
    English, gibberish, sarcasm, Fortnite, Minecraft, ms paint

    Are you currently, or have you been a part of the support team?

    In your own words, what is the job of a staff member?
    To draw snowmen and have the world praise you as the best human to have ever existed, to conquer uncontrolled lands and find the biggest cave, to become the world to become the first person to mars, and be elon musk, but most importantly. I just wanna fly on an account that doesn’t exist.

    A staff, more commonly known as a Bõ is a weapon of destruction which is a stick. A bō (棒: ぼう), joong bong (Korean), bang (Chinese), or kun (Okinawan), is a very tall and long staff weapon used in Okinawa and feudal Japan. Bō are typically around 1.8 m (71 in) long and used in Japanese martial arts, in particular bōjutsu. Other staff-related weapons are the jō, which is 1.2 m (47 in) long, and the hanbō (half bō, known as tahn bong in Korea), which is 90 cm (35 in) long.

    Do you agree that if you are accepted, you will do a voice call with staff via discord?
    (Requires discord and a microphone)

    I agree

    By selected "I agree", you agree that your application is completely genuine. You also agree that this application is not a troll in any way. You will also not ask any staff members or anyone in game about your application or else it may be automatically denied. Last of all, you agree that you will only apply once per two weeks unless given permission by an admin+ otherwise.
    I agree
  2. Paradox

    Paradox New Member

    AC172F00-39C0-44D6-9D56-A5C185AFEDD6.jpeg Example of my work i can provide for you.
  3. Jacob_97

    Jacob_97 Ex Co-Owner of McCaverns Ex-Staff

    Your application is under review! We do also very much like your drawing of a monkey. It's very good.
  4. Paradox

    Paradox New Member

    Thank you for considering my application to become the professional ms paint moderator of Minecraft java Mccaverns.

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