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Are my titles better than the previous ones?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Jelly

    Jelly New Member

    Staff Ranks
    Owner '&4&l&k.&1&l[&4&lNetworkOwner&1&l]&4&l&k.&r&4&l '

    Co-Owner '&4&l&k.&1&l[&4&lCo&c&l-&4&lOwner&1&l]&4&l&k.&r&4&l '

    Community Manager '&c&l&k.&9&l[&c&lCommunityManager&9&l]&c&l&k.&r&c&l '
    Manager '&c&l&k.&9&l[&c&lManager&9&l]&c&l&k.&r&c&l '

    Admin '&4&k.&8[&4Admin&8]&4&k.&r&4&l '

    Moderator '&e&k.&8[&eMod&8]&e&k.&r&4&l '

    Helper '&b&k.&8[&bHelper&8]&b&k.&r&4&l '

    Member '&8[&9Member&8]&7 '

    Elite '&5&k.&8[&5Elite&8]&5&k.&r&5 '
    Elite '&6&k.&8[&6Elite&8]&6&k.&r&6 '

    Legend '&c&k.&8[&cLegend&8]&c&k.&r&c '

    Shadow '&a&k.&8[&aShadow&8]&a&k.&r&a '

    Ultra '&1&l&k.&7&l[&1&lUltra&7&l]&1&l&k.&r&1 '

    Omega '0&l[&f&l&k?&0&l]&9&lOmega0&l[&f&l&k?&0&l]&3 '

    Other Ranks

    Immortal '&f&k.c[&fImmortal&c]&f&k.&r&f '

    VIP '&6[&e&lVIP&6] '

    (This is the only group prefix that I like the current style of)

    Please note that all of these are not precisely colored and that the symbols such as: ";", ":", "#" and "?" would be changing as it is an &k symbol, and any text in this color means white (&f).

    The current pex group prefixes are not apealing to the eye and many of the staff ranks seem too "forced," such as the Moderator tag which is a harsh green that is in bold. Another problem with the ranks, that I saw, were Immortal, and your Discord Admin. The Immortal rank does not match the chat prefix and the tab prefix, along with a lack of knowledge on how to obtain the rank. When asked about the rank, no staff members responded. Your Co-Owner was AFK, which should not be allowed as the staff are expected to be there to provide for the players, and one of your moderators failed to answer my question because they were "concentrated" on digging. The "Discord Admin" rank was horrible, as it was simply "[Discord][Admin]" without any spacing or color variations between the different sets of brackets. A simple fix to that problem is to create one tag such as "[Discord Admin]", or to create two ranks such as "[Discord]" and the admin tag, followed by doing /pex user (user) group set admin , /pex user (user) group add admin , /pex user (user) group add discord. I could do these things, but I was told by the Co-Owner that the Owner does his own coding for the plugins. There is nothing wrong with working on it yourself, but it never hurts to have another opinion. The other problem is the lack of spacing anywhere in the prefixes, which is a very easy fix. It makes the chat look better when the titles are spaced out rather than clumped together. I would be glad to fix these problems, but sadly, you are not looking for a Developer, which is why I left that prefix out.​
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