McCaverns Newsletter | Edition #3

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    Hello everyone! Welcome to the third McCaverns Newsletter!
    There are a good amount of promotions and two survival updates to cover!

    Survival Updates
    Yet again, we have had more survival updates since the recent newsletter. As survival is the most popular game, we are working hard to release as much content as possible.
    These updates include mechanics changes, mob spawning, free fly, and much more!
    Read about the changes here and here

    New Hub
    As many of you may have already seen, we have made a new hub just in time for October (Halloween)
    This new hub has a scary style, mobs, and is always night time.
    In order to see it, just sign into the server and you will first appear in hub!

    Congratulations to everyone who was promoted within the last few weeks.
    We are happy to announce the following promotions:
    Adree - Admin
    Jake - Mod
    Eza - Helper

    Thanks for taking time to read the newsletter. We plan on releasing many more features and content for you all to enjoy in the future! Have a great day!
    - Sniper​
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