Lucky Block Changes

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Hyper, Apr 18, 2017.


Should lucky blocks be switch to TNT?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Yes, but something that isn't TNT

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  1. Hyper

    Hyper Ex-Staff

    I think that lucky blocks should be changed to TNT. TNT currently doesn't really server any purpose to most players on the server. Meanwhile sponge has a use which at least some players use from time to time to drain areas in the ocean. If you are making an underwater base or guardian farm it is really inconvenient to have to fill every block by hand and destroy it again. If you don't want people just to craft TNT I am pretty sure you can disable the crafting recipe for it with plugins. Please leave your thoughts below and vote whether or not you think this is a good idea.

    One more thing, I think that lucky blocks should have a very small chance of dropping keys when opened.
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  2. Beetleboy

    Beetleboy New Member

    When the lucky blocks were released, I had the same questions as I was still using sponges as sponges. at first the wet sponges worked like wet sponges you could break them and then put them in a furnace to dry them out.
    Even now sometimes I get lucky blocks named lucky blocks and sponge. I would like to see something that make is so you could use them as sponges again...I do not know the coding that is used so can not make an informed suggestion.
    All that being said, and with the block being placed makes it lucky how about cake? place it and break it can act as lucky or hold it and eat it...
    One problem I can see is the same as TNT it is a cartable item, I think maybe something can only be "given" I seem to remember there is a pink and black block that is only available normally in creative something like that.
    HMMMM mm. Maybe even a lucky potion/XP potion I do not know.
  3. Beetleboy

    Beetleboy New Member

    I am stupid... what we need is a lucky rabbits foot.
  4. TheFrostiKing

    TheFrostiKing Ex-Staff

    Just use the player head for the lucky blocks, so it will only be obtainable with a vote party/crates and not in sea monuments. Also tnt is used for tnt launchers. Yes, some players use them, xd. So the best way is just changing it to a player head

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