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  1. ItsSniper

    ItsSniper Owner

    Hello everyone! I am happy to announce the release of our new survival "mechanic" update.
    This update brings the following changes:
    • 3% chance of giants spawning in place of zombies.
    • 10% chance of obtaining sticks from breaking leaves.
    • 8% chance zombies will spawn with a pumpkin on their head. (Which is then obtainable)
    • Giants now drop 10 rotten flesh with a 30% chance of dropping a gold block.
    • Breaking flowers and cactus with shears now gives you their dye.
    • Breaking huge mushrooms with an axe will drop the item.
    • Voting on 4 links now gives fly for 24 hours!
    • Fixed some minor bugs.
    Thank you to everyone who suggested features for this update. We plan on having another big update soon, so feel free to continue giving suggestions. Thanks, and have a great day!​
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  2. JuneJr

    JuneJr New Member

    Fun fun fun fine.

    Keep up the work staff team!
  3. Waffenmeister159

    Waffenmeister159 New Member

    omg if i get unbanned i will get fly by voting, so coool
  4. Umer Imam

    Umer Imam New Member

    my fav thing is that i can easily get fly that will be soo cool i could easily fly around my base without buying /fly
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