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  1. AnAwkwardAlien

    AnAwkwardAlien Ex-Staff

    Member Name AnAwkwardAlien

    Please select "I understand" if you understand the following:
    "Make sure that you are fully aware of the rules before applying. In your application, include as much detail as possible, and check for spelling / grammar mistakes."

    I understand

    Minecraft In Game Name

    Your age

    Have you been banned from our server before?

    How long have you played our server?
    Two-three weeks?

    What is your time zone?

    Why should we choose you?
    I believe I should be chosen based on how well I get along with everyone on the server, my love for the server itself, and the amount of time I spend on the server. I enjoy playing on it and being a part of the community. I've never been kicked off a server before, accused of hacks, or griefing. I was a mod on a server for several months before the owner stopped paying for the server.

    What is your current rank?

    Do you have twitter and/or discord?
    I have both.

    Have you been staff on other servers before?

    How long can you play per day?
    Four-six hours a day minus every other weekend (for now)

    Which languages can you speak fluently?

    In your own words, what is the job of a staff member?
    The job of a staff member is to moderate the chat and make sure the kids online are behaving and that no one is causing trouble for other members, as well as keeping an eye out to make sure everyone is playing fair.

    Do you agree that if you are accepted, you will do a voice interview with staff via discord?
    (Requires discord and a microphone)

    I agree

    By selected "I agree", you agree that your application is completely genuine. You also agree that this application is not a troll in any way. You will also not ask any staff members or anyone in game about your application or else it may be automatically denied. Last of all, you agree that you will only apply once per two weeks unless given permission by an admin+ otherwise.
    I agree
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  2. ItsSniper

    ItsSniper Owner

    Hello! Thank you for taking time to apply for the McCaverns Staff Team!

    After some deliberation, and seeing how active and friendly you are in game, your application has moved on to STAGE #2.

    This is the stage for application voting. Basically once the poll opens in game, you will be in it for a chance at helper.

    Thanks for taking time to apply, and have a great day!
  3. rambowknife

    rambowknife New Member

    u got dis fam
  4. ItsSniper

    ItsSniper Owner

    Hello! Thank you for taking time to apply for the McCaverns Staff Team.

    After results from the public vote, I am happy to say that your application has been ACCEPTED.

    Thanks for applying, and have a great day!
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